Hey folks, we’re all tired of dealing with this junk after a year.  Yup, happy anniversary y’all.

We’re making progress, and we’ve formed some habits which, when exercised appropriately, will help us continue in the right direction.  Because of this progress, we’re very relieved that Gov. Abbott’s executive order GA-34 largely returns the burden of caring for ourselves and each other to us as individuals.

Specifically, the state of Texas no longer requires the use of masks in all businesses, but does strongly encourage their use when it makes sense to (close mingling with folks outside your household, just like it has been).  In addition, the state of Texas no longer imposes any specific restrictions on maximum occupancy within businesses.

What this means to us: yes, you’re welcome to host your group of more-than-10 people at one table with us.  Yes, we’re moving toward feeling quite a bit more normal in public as hygiene practices do what they’re meant to do, vaccines do what they’re meant to do, and people use common sense like they’re meant to do.  As we always have, we request and trust that our staff and guests self-screen and hold off on coming in if exhibiting symptoms of anything potentially contagious.  We continue to check employee temperatures upon arrival and continue with our cleanliness obsession and habits, including overnight air and surface sanitization using ozone generation.  We like seeing y’all as often as possible, and now we again have the privilege of taking good care of each other, rather than the requirement.  Let’s exercise that privilege because we shouldn’t need to be told to.

Some of our staff and guests will be more comfortable continuing to practice the mouth/nose filtration efforts that have been broadly in use lately, and some will be more comfortable not practicing them.  What we, as a family and a company, will be doing is taking great care of you and not allowing current changes in legislation or any others going forward to become yet another opportunity for divisiveness and griping at each other.  Let’s get back to being TEXAS.

Be kind, don’t sneeze on your neighbor, and eat up.  We’re glad to have you here.

The TEXAS Obsession with Cleanliness – A Recap

Update: In addition to requiring employees to self-screen for symptoms before coming in to work and encouraging customers to do the same, we are using contactless infrared thermometers to scan every employee’s temperature upon arrival at TEXAS.

Many of you know that our business has always hinged on an obsession with cleanliness.  Naturally that hasn’t changed, only expanded as we implement additional measures to minimize the chances of Covid-19 (or any other infectious junk) communicating within our building.

Aside from following the everyday requirements of Richardson’s Health Department, Texas Health and Human Services, the US Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control and other agencies as they pertain to food and drink handling and general cleaning, we are taking the below steps to keep our customers and staff safe:

–     More frequent and more in-depth cleaning and sanitizing throughout the day, particularly of high-touch areas (doors, handles, faucets, tabletops and counters, etc.)

–     Single-use menus that will be disposed of after use by a single customer.

–     Physical distancing between parties, including those who are waiting to be seated.

–     Availability of hand sanitizer stations for customers as well as employees in key areas (main entrance, restrooms).

–     Table service items will not be pre-set on tables prior to guests being seated.  Additionally, condiments will be available upon request and all containers will be sanitized between uses.

–     Use of fabric face coverings by staff as necessary when physical distancing with guests is not possible.

–     Appropriate disinfecting and cleaning procedures by all staff, and screening of staff prior to work shifts for symptoms that would require being sent home and/or quarantine procedures to be followed.

We ask and encourage our guests to help by following the same physical distancing and handwashing procedures, as well as the Restaurant Customers Checklist available at

Thank you for being a part of the TEXAS family and helping us keep our restaurant and community safe – and operating!

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